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Oreo Tree Logo symbolizes

Nurturing, Growth, Child-Centeredness, and Hope

The egg shape represents incubation, symbolizing the nurturing and growth that takes place at Oreo Tree Student Care Center. The addition of a tree within the egg shape further emphasizes this idea, as trees are often associated with growth and development.

The inclusion of a child within the egg shape is a nod to the center's focus on children and their care. This not only communicates to parents that their children are the primary focus of the center, but it also adds a human touch to the logo.

Finally, the star on top of the egg shape represents hope and ambition, two key values that Oreo Tree Student Care Center instills in its students. The star also adds an element of playfulness to the logo, which is appropriate for a business focused on children.


Mission & Version

Our mission is to establish a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment that promotes the well-rounded development of students through the provision of high-quality education, value-based teaching, and the cultivation of essential social skills.


Our vision is to emerge as a prominent educational institution that prepare students for lifelong success by imparting robust values, furnishing a comprehensive education, and equipping them with essential social skills to be influential communicators and leaders.
We aim to foster a learning community that prioritizes respect, empathy, and accountability and empowers students to unleash their full potential.

After School Programs

We provide a range of activities and programs to the diverse interests and needs of our students in a safe and bilingual environment. 

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Homework Supervision

Oreo Tree provides supervision and guidance to students after regular school hours to provide assistance and oversight completion of their school homework in a quiet and conducive environment.

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Assignment & Spelling

Oreo Tree provides additional assignments for students to recap and have memory retention if they no do have any school homework. Spelling tests are also conducted to ensure constant retention of knowledge.

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Recreational Activities

Oreo Tree plans recreational activities during regular week and holidays for students to learn hands-on activities outside of textbooks and inspire their creativity, social skills and mind exercises. Activities done were clay making, dumpling making, tie-dye and also photosynthesis.

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School Holiday Activities

Oreo Tree offer exciting and fun-learning holiday camps that students get to learn while having fun during the school holidays. There are outings organized to let the students explore different aspects.

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Fixed Play Time

Oreo Tree believes that a fixed play time daily help to improve the well-being and stress relief of the students. Play time teaches the students to be imaginative, cognitive as well as social interaction and bonding with their classmates. This helps to further develop their abilities in understanding differences in characters and decisions.

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Contact Us



Opening Hours

574 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10


Singapore 560574

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Monday to Fridays

11:30AM to 7PM 

School Holidays

7:30AM to 7PM

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


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